◯King Crimson

・21st Century Schizoid Man
・I Talk to the Wind
・In the Court of the Crimson King
・In the Wake of Poseidon
・Pictures of a City
・Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part one
・Book of Saturday
・Easy Money
・The Talking Drum
・Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part two
・The Great Deceiver
・Fallen Angel
・Frame by Frame
Thela Hun Ginjeet
・Happy with What You Have To Be Happy With
・Sailor's Tale
・One More Red Nightmare
・Level Five
・Facts Of Life
・ProzaKc Blues
・Vrooom Vrooom


・Knife Edge
・The Time and the Place


・Watcher of the Skies
・In the Cage
・Musical Box
・The Knife
・Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
・Time Table

◯Pink Floyd

・In The Flesh?
・Another Brick In The Wall
・Young Lust
・Goodbye Cruel World
・Hey You
・Comfortably Numb
・Goodbye Cruel World
・The Darkside of the Moon
・Have a Cigar
・One of These Days
・Atom Heart Mother
・Shine on You, Crazy Diamonds Part I-V
・Lucifer Sam


・Astral Traveller
・Close to the Edge
・The South Side of the Sky
・Owner of A Lonely Heart
・Heart of the Sunrise
・Siberian Khatru
・Yours is No Disgrace




・From Within
・In for a Ride
・The Great Unknown


・Heat of the Moment

◯Bill Bruford

・Feels Good to Me


・Lady Fantasy
・The Snow Goose
・Rhayader Goes to Town
・Song within a Song
・Lunar Sea
・Never let go
・Super Twister
・Air Born
・Spirit of Water


・Mother Sky
・Father Cannot Yell
・You Doo Right
・Vitamin C
・Spoon(Live Version)
・Tango Whiskeyman

◯Captain Beyond

・Dancing Madly Backwards
・Drifting In Space
・I Can't Feel Nothing


・Golf Girl
・Love To Love You
・Nine Feet Underground

◯Dream Theater

・Blind Faith
・Fatal Tragedy
・Sacrificed Sons


・Phantom Wakes


・Hocus Pocus



◯Jethro Tull

・Thick As a Brick
・We used to know

・Carry On Wayward Son





・De Futra
・Udu Wudu






・Ghost of Perditon
・The Grand Conjuration

◯Opus Avantra

・IL Pavone
・Ah, Douleur

◯Pochakaite Malko


◯Porcupine Tree

・Blackest Eyes
・The Sound of Muzak
・Even Less
・Fear of Blank Planet
・Way Out of Here
・Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

◯Premiata Forneria Marconi

・Four holes in the ground
○Protest The Hero



・Celledomi Guazto


・Test for Echo

○Syd Barrett



・In Circles
・No More White Horses

○Uriah Heep

・Look At Yourself
・Easy Livi'n

◯Uz Jsme Doma

○Wishbone Ash
・The King Will Come
・ Warrior
・Throw Down The Sword

◯Zamla Mammaz Manna
・The Forge


・Becttem Pollt
・Sunna Zarioki






・FF4 Boss Battle
・Clash On The Big Bridge


・Humpty Empty Mellow Blues
・What Color




・Sodomized Scum
・Psophymi Molynsis with Panucla
・Man's Hate-Bio-Hazard (Sore Throat cover)
・Destroy Music

◯The Beatles

・Yer Blues
・Helter Skelter
・Twist and Shout
・Come Together
・In My Life
・Eleanor Rigby

◯Big Black

・Jordan Minesota

◯Black Sabbath

・Black Sabbath
・Children of the Grave
・Into the Void
・Lord of This World
・Hands of Doom
・Iron Man
・War Pigs
・Elecric Funeral
・Heaven and Hell
・Die Young


・Rolling the Zen


・Genital Grinder
・Regurgitation Of Giblets
・Reek of Putrefaction

◯Church of Misery



・Dark Horse
・Axe to Fall
・No Heroes


・Sunshine of Your Love
・White Room

◯Deep Purple

・Black Night
・Space Truckin'
・Smoke on the Water
・Highway Star



○The Doors

・The End
・People Are Strange
・Roadhouse Blues


・Heroes of Our Time

○Eric Clapton


◯Flower Travelin' Band

・Satori Part I
・Satori Part II



○Jaco Pastorius
・Portrait of Tracy

◯Jeff Beck

・You Know What I Mean
・Cause We've Ended as Lovers
・Led Boots
・Come dancing

◯Jimi Hendrix

・Foxy Lady
・3rd Stone From The Sun
・Voodoo Child
・Manic Depression
・Purple Haze



◯Judas Priest

・Breaking the Law
・Metal Gods

◯Killing Floor

・Call for the Politician

◯Led Zeppelin

・Achilles Last Stand
・The Rover
・Black Dog
・Whole Lotta Love
・The Wanton Song
・No Quater
・House of the Holy
・Good times Bad Times

◯Lightning Bolt

・Dracula Mountain


・Enter Sandman
・Master of Puppets
・Seek and Destroy

◯Miles Davis

・Spanish Key


・Smells Like Teen Spirit


・Ghost of Perdition
・Grand conjuration

◯Ozzy Osbourne

・Crazy Train


・Holland Element

◯The Police

・Message in a Bottle


・Killer Queen
・Death on Two Legs


・Spotlight Kid
・Long Live Rock N' Roll
・Gates of Babylon

◯Sonata Arctica

・Black Sheep

◯Sound Horizon


○The Stalin


◯Talking Heads


◯The Ventures

・Diamond Head
・Walk Don't Run
・Secret Agent Man

○Velvet Underground




◯Yellow Magic Orchestra


○Yo La Tengo

・Cherry Chapstick
・Blue Line Swinger

○Zazen Boys


◯Zeni Geva

・10,000 Light Years


・Water is Good






・Deep into the Night



















・Gang-Plank Galleon (Super Donkey Kong)
・上海紅茶館(東方紅魔郷 / ZUN)
・見えない何かに怯える夜(ひぐらしのなく頃に / 煉獄庭園)
・人として軸がぶれている(さよなら絶望先生 / 大槻ケンヂと絶望少女達)
・Distorted Pain(ゴア・スクリーミング・ショウ / 電気式華憐音楽集団)


・Amezing Grace, Girl from Ipanema (Sax独奏)